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A Day in the West

by: Editor on 10/9/2017


Want to explore the Wild West in rugged yet comfortable style? A Day in the West is one of Sedona’s premium tour companies, and with Jeeps or horses you’re able to access parts of the cliffs, red rocks and desert inaccessible by other means. Choose from a number of packages like the Jeep, Horseback and Wine Tasting combination, the Outlaw Jeep Tour where the driving is left to professionals so you can soak it all in, or the Pioneer Trail Jeep Tour that puts you in the driver’s seat as you climb 5,500 square feet with one stunning view after another.

Mogollon Rim Jeep tour takes you back in time as you barrel across old pioneer wagon trails, while the Red Rock West Jeep tour takes you through the heart of Dry Creek Basin. In two hours, you make your way to the canyon floor, listening to stories of yore as you watch the sunrise or sunset turn the rocks an unbelievable hue.

Ready for Adventure?

The Diamondback Jeep tour is a rough 4×4 trail, or you can always opt to add on a helicopter upgrade or spa addition to customize your outing. Group tours and special packages including wedding options are always available. Photographers love these tours because it allows them to capture incredible images.

With a Wedding on the Rocks, you get a photography package, officiant, and of course transportation to one of the most stunning destinations in Sedona. What will your Day in the West entail?


Discovery Channel Telescope

by: Editor on 9/30/2017


Located in nearby Happy Jack, Arizona, the Discovery Channel Telescope is an easy to spot landmark managed by the Lowell Observatory. Featuring two configurations, a prime focus and Ritchey-Chretien, the telescope has been in use since 2012. The 4.3 meter aperture telescope is a collaborative project between The Discovery Channel and Lowell Observatory, crafted at a dark sky site within the Coconino National Forest.

Now, DCT is also part of research teams at Boston University, the University of Toledo, the University of Maryland and Northern Arizona University. Costing $53 million to build, it’s made a serious dent in the observational capacity of Lowell Observatory and has been foundational in a number of studies. The first DCT light images were captured in April 2012.

A Light Show

Created for a number of optical configurations, the first goal was to capture high-resolution images at near-infrared and visible wavelengths. It’s also meant to capture deep imaging surveys of the sky at night, as well as capturing moon images at bright phases—previously not possible using other telescopes.

At 85 feet long and 62 feet in diameter, special permits were required from the US Forest Service to build this massive telescope. It weighs 6,700 pounds and the finishing touches were completed by the U of A’s College of Optical Sciences. Current research includes studying Kuiper Belt objects and the material composing comets.




Sedona Chocolate Superfoods

by: Editor on 9/18/2017


Chocolate … as a superfood? Dreams do come true at this favorite Sedona destination that’s part eatery, chocolate factory, gift shop and even meditative garden. It’s the quintessential blending of all things Sedona, starting with 100% organic products. A full menu features a variety of items prepared with love, like Ayurveda elixir shots, Se’donut with coconut oil and maple syrup, a number of crafted cocktails with local garnishments and salads, sandwiches, soups and desserts that keep you coming back for more.

Shop for body products, teas and coffees, and of course decadent desserts. Raw cacao powder and paste is the perfect, travel-friendly treat to take home so you can whip up your own special goodie. Try the Chocolate Sampler and get six of the most popular bars and cups.

Sweet Sedona

Nut butters and oils are also in high demand, like the almond butter, tahini, ghee and pecan butter. In this family-owned sanctuary, every single item is handmade with care and longevity in mind, whether you opt for the wild jungle peanut butter or the Great Chocolate basket.

Chia crackers, onion flat bread and truly raw almonds are just a few more delectable choices Sedona Chocolate Superfoods has in store for you. Keep an eye on their calendar for special events, or connect to cater your next special occasion. Chocolate really does make everything better.




Sedona Airport Overlook

by: Editor on 8/13/2017


Explore one of the most accessible hiking trails in Sedona, ranked as easy to moderate and recently renovated to include guide ropes and steps. Trails are flanked by rocks, and there are a number of conservation areas where hikers can enjoy the natural beauty of the region. At just 60 feet of total ascension, this gentle hike is the perfect way to get acquainted with Sedona and enjoy sweeping desert views.

The initial incline takes hikers towards Airport Lookout Summit Trail. Fences and cables keep the local natural area well protected without disrupting the adventure for hikers. The new trailhead sign to Overlook Point Summit leads hikers directly ahead, or you have the option to head left towards the Coconino Loop Trail. Manmade steps have replaced the rough, slippery trails featured before the 2015 renovation project.

Plan for Dusk or Dawn

The August heat can be intense in Sedona, and hikes are best planned for sunset or sunrise. It’s also the perfect time to enjoy how the colors reflect across the desert landscape. Well-defined steps are featured throughout the trails, and hikers find rock plateaus as the trail increases in incline.

The last trail leg has plenty of cables for balance, and at the peak of Airport Lookout Summit part of the Coconino Loop Trail can be seen. Also look for Courthouse Butte and the famous Bell Rock from this vantage point.


Northern Light Balloon Expeditions

by: Editor on 7/18/2017


Discover the beauty of Sedona in a truly unique light by taking a hot air balloon expedition. Book your outing by calling 800-230-6222 and get ready to welcome a new day with a dawn flight like no other. Sedona is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world, and you’ll see why when you soar across the red rocks and watch the early morning light create a magic show below.

As Sedona’s oldest and most established hot air balloon company, founded in 1973, thousands of travelers and residents have experienced the joy of flight with this classic company. Boasting an impressive safety record, Northern Light has the longest flying record in the entire state and is just one of two balloon companies with permission from the U.S. Forest Service to take off and land in Sedona.

An Experience to Remember

Most balloons are small and suitable for up to seven passengers. This allows for a more intimate environment, and you’re welcome to book a private flight for special events. For larger groups, a few 12-passenger balloons are available. Call ahead to customize your flight.

All experiences end with a light picnic breakfast and champagne. However, you can also opt to customize the grand finale if you book a private flight. With the best customer service, pilots and ground control at your service, this is guaranteed to be a flight to remember.



Cool Off with the Best Ice Cream in Sedona

by: Editor on 7/14/2017


July in Sedona can be a scorcher, but there are some delicious ways to stay cool—like taking a foodie tour of the local ice cream “cool spots.” Start at Black Cow Café to find a full menu featuring highlights like homemade pie, hot dogs and of course ice cream in a variety of unique flavors, such as prickly pear.

Walters Ice Cream and Hot Dogs is a nostalgic and old-fashioned establishment known for prime customer service and delectable flavors. Featuring Thrifty’s Ice Cream, favorites include pistachio nut, chocolate malted crunch, butter pecan and classic chocolate chip cookie dough.

Sweet Creams!

Sabrina’s Ice Cream is another local staple, where you can also get snow cones, sundaes, malts and shakes. Sixteen tempting flavors are available, including Brownie Extreme, Peanut Butter Fudge, Bunny Tracks and classics like Rocky Road or Cookies and Cream. Huckleberry is a favorite in summer months.

Of course, sometimes only a trip to the local Coldstone Creamery will do where you can customize your fillings, add a churro or warm cookie, and check out the special flavors of the month. Why not try them all and decide for yourself which is the best in Sedona?