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Snoopy’s Belly

by: Editor on 10/15/2017


You’ve likely seen this aptly named formation in photos and movies. Just outside of downtown, a little imagination and the right angle turns one of the state’s famous red rock formations into an image of Snoopy sleeping on top of the dog house. Located in Little Shane, Sedona, it’s pretty tough to get a clear view from close to the formations. Instead, head to Little Lane right off of Highway 89 and north of the Highway 179 intersection. Here, Snoopy is sleeping just east and to the right of the larger red rock formation.

There’s also Lucy Rock nearby, and both formations can be seen somewhat from nearly every part of Sedona. Snoopy Rock, also known as Snoopy’s Belly, was originally named Saddle Back Rock. However, so many people agreed it was clearly the beloved character that it was officially renamed.

A Dog’s Life

Although Snoopy’s Belly is certainly a unique name, it and Lucy Rock are far from the only formations named after what they resemble. In and near Sedona, there’s also Coffee Pot Rock. Spend a little time looking closer at the formations, and you just might find some images that jump out at you.

October is the perfect time to stroll outdoors, taking in the red rocks and enjoying their natural beauty.

A Day in the West

by: Editor on 10/9/2017


Want to explore the Wild West in rugged yet comfortable style? A Day in the West is one of Sedona’s premium tour companies, and with Jeeps or horses you’re able to access parts of the cliffs, red rocks and desert inaccessible by other means. Choose from a number of packages like the Jeep, Horseback and Wine Tasting combination, the Outlaw Jeep Tour where the driving is left to professionals so you can soak it all in, or the Pioneer Trail Jeep Tour that puts you in the driver’s seat as you climb 5,500 square feet with one stunning view after another.

Mogollon Rim Jeep tour takes you back in time as you barrel across old pioneer wagon trails, while the Red Rock West Jeep tour takes you through the heart of Dry Creek Basin. In two hours, you make your way to the canyon floor, listening to stories of yore as you watch the sunrise or sunset turn the rocks an unbelievable hue.

Ready for Adventure?

The Diamondback Jeep tour is a rough 4×4 trail, or you can always opt to add on a helicopter upgrade or spa addition to customize your outing. Group tours and special packages including wedding options are always available. Photographers love these tours because it allows them to capture incredible images.

With a Wedding on the Rocks, you get a photography package, officiant, and of course transportation to one of the most stunning destinations in Sedona. What will your Day in the West entail?


Mormon Lake

by: Editor on 9/13/2017


Just a few miles away, Sedona visitors will find one of the most beautiful lakes in Arizona. Directly fed from local snow melt and rain, this natural lake is hugged closely by big Ponderosa pines, nestled in a lush forest. It’s the perfect quiet retreat, ideal for late summer swimming and year-round fishing. In the summer, the 7,000-foot elevation makes it a crisp and refreshing getaway where temperatures rarely sneak into the 90s.

It’s also just 17 miles from Upper Lake Mary, another popular destination for hiking and fishing. You’ll find a variety of wildlife, such as deer or elk herds and even Pronghorn antelope. Keep an eye out for bald eagles while boating, windsurfing or picnicking.

Lakes and Recreation

Fishermen and women have the odds stacked in their favor thanks to well-stocked northern pike, trout and catfish. Fire rings, cooking grills, picnic tables and restroom facilities are also nearby, making Mormon Lake a popular day destination. Campgrounds are open through the end of September, but the lakes are also very convenient to your Sedona hotel.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll in the forest, the ultimate fishing destination or for a cool swim in natural waters, make Mormon Lake one of your Sedona destinations.


Sedona Shopping

by: Editor on 9/9/2017


Sedona is a one of a kind shopping experience where you can find stunning jewelry, works of art, homemade goodies and more. Whether you’re looking for a treat for yourself or a souvenir to take home, it’s easier to tackle Sedona shopping by districts rather than specific shop destinations. After all, you don’t want to miss out on the perfect treasure!

Sedona is an arts community, making it a prized region for art buyers and collectors. Check out the many galleries for contemporary southwestern work, Native American art and of course traditional Western pieces. There are also books, wearable art, specialty gift items and more finds at galleries around town.

Go Small or Go Home

Shop local in Sedona for the best buys. Like most activities in the area, shopping is often an outdoor “sport.” Head uptown to Arizona 89A and 179 to discover a smorgasbord of gift shops, galleries and restaurants. Everything you can imagine is in this district, including the Shops at Hyatt Pinon Pointe. Next, try the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village to the south.

The Gallery District is teeming with galleries tucked into plazas including Hillside Sedona. You’ll be able to spot Chapel to the Holy Cross between shops, too. At The Village of Oak Creek, there are classic shopping opportunities, but you’ll still find local goodies here, too.




Creekside Plaza

by: Editor on 8/24/2017


Also known as Creekside Galleria, this shopping, art, and dining destination is the perfect stop for Sedona visitors. Here, you can enjoy a relaxing outing while being skirted by the impressive Red Rocks. Overlooking the beautiful Oak Creek, and featuring a personal services center, you can explore galleries or slip into one of the many restaurants for a dining experience with a view.

Get pampered at the Aveda salon, offering a full-service day spa experience with spiritual practitioners who utilize the healing powers of the region. Strolling through the open-aired plaza with a fountain at the center is a wonderful way to pass the time, but this place is also ideal for souvenir shopping, treating yourself, and to indulge in some of the best dining in the city.

Something for Everyone

Featured shops include Big Vision Art featuring local artists, Cocopah North for your consignment and art needs, and Creekside Coffee where Chef Mercer Mohr and designer Cynthia Snapp with wine maker Javelina Leap offer a cozy atmosphere with sustainable coffee and pastries.

At Mother Sachi’s Bookstore, discover rare books and gifts before heading to Rosedale Hair for full-body pampering. Trailhead Tea is where you can find 130 different teas, from all corners of the world, and it’s a great precursor to breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Creekside Restaurant. Ahi tuna tar tar, roasted eggplant dip, and duck confit are just a few favorites.

Sedona Airport Overlook

by: Editor on 8/13/2017


Explore one of the most accessible hiking trails in Sedona, ranked as easy to moderate and recently renovated to include guide ropes and steps. Trails are flanked by rocks, and there are a number of conservation areas where hikers can enjoy the natural beauty of the region. At just 60 feet of total ascension, this gentle hike is the perfect way to get acquainted with Sedona and enjoy sweeping desert views.

The initial incline takes hikers towards Airport Lookout Summit Trail. Fences and cables keep the local natural area well protected without disrupting the adventure for hikers. The new trailhead sign to Overlook Point Summit leads hikers directly ahead, or you have the option to head left towards the Coconino Loop Trail. Manmade steps have replaced the rough, slippery trails featured before the 2015 renovation project.

Plan for Dusk or Dawn

The August heat can be intense in Sedona, and hikes are best planned for sunset or sunrise. It’s also the perfect time to enjoy how the colors reflect across the desert landscape. Well-defined steps are featured throughout the trails, and hikers find rock plateaus as the trail increases in incline.

The last trail leg has plenty of cables for balance, and at the peak of Airport Lookout Summit part of the Coconino Loop Trail can be seen. Also look for Courthouse Butte and the famous Bell Rock from this vantage point.