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Make the Most of a Sedona Thanksgiving

by: Editor on 11/20/2017


If you’re in Sedona on Thanksgiving, you’re in for a special treat: The ability to see, tour and photograph stunning destinations with nary a crowd in sight. Take the opportunity to check out Chapel of the Holy Cross and the red rocks, or head to the trails with turkey and cranberry sandwiches packed for a holiday trek. It’s one of the few days out of the year that you’ll feel like you have Sedona all to yourself.

However, not everything is closed for the holidays. The Golden Goose American Grill is a popular pick for Thanksgiving. The classic grill pulls out all the stops for Thanksgiving with a classic menu complete with an option of wine pairing from a local winemaker. Once you’ve revved up your appetite with a day of playing tourist, nothing beats an old-fashioned dinner.

Start Your Holidays Right

If you’re looking for a grander holiday meal, consider the three-course fixed menu at Kimpton Amara Resort and Spa’s The Hundred Rox. Located right beside the spa, you can expect phenomenal service and elevated twists on your favorite dishes.

Heartline Café is another option, complete with a multi-course meal showcasing local ingredients. The juicy maple-glazed turkey with an orange zest is the perfect mix of sweet and savory. Just make sure there’s room for dessert, because you won’t want to miss out on decadent delights like the pecan or pumpkin pie.


Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness

by: Editor on 11/12/2017


This is one secret you have to uncover. The official name of these buttes, canyons and cliffs holds the unofficial title of one of the most incredible natural works of art in existence. A single word to describe the Secret Mountain Wilderness? Colorful. Red is a common hue around the Sedona region, but this collection of wild beauty takes “red rocks” to the extreme. Covering nearly 44,000 acres, the formations are sculpted by wind and water to create unbelievable arches, pinnacles and slot canyons.

Here, you’ll find a number of “nature’s windows” and an offering of trails that will take you on a unique adventure deep into the maze of formations. Follow one trail and explore hidden gorges. Keep going and you’ll be whisked away to other-worldly panorama views. Throughout the trails, you’ll also be treated to natural and manmade wonders from Sedona’s past. Keep an eye out for rock art, old dwellings and more.

Can You Keep a Secret?

Leaving the chaparral to the hidden grotto, or climbing up a slope to challenge yourself at a precipice, there’s no end to the adventures you’ll find here. It’s possible for you to be the first person in modern history to uncover a particular view in these thousands of acres. As the manzanitas surround you, it’s an experience like no other.

This area is beloved by those who long for solitude in the wilderness, miles of hiking or horse trails, photographers and birders. No motorized vehicles are allowed, and although it’s open year-round, autumn and winter are the best seasons for a safe outing.

Turkey Trots and More Near Sedona

by: Editor on 11/2/2017


Get a head start on your New Year’s resolution (and burn some of those Thanksgiving calories) at one of Sedona’s exciting November races. On the big day, the annual Turkey Trot is a great option to start your holiday right. The 5k race is presented by the Sedona Running Company and loops from Posse Grounds Park. Registration is under $40, although day-of entries are often unavailable and early registration is recommended!

The short morning race takes runners up Soldier Pass Road, offering an incredible sunrise view. Thanksgiving-themed snacks and treats await at the finish line, as well as plenty of amped up appetites and endorphins to kick-start your holiday weekend.

Wobbles and Gobbles

The Southwest Series is hosting a number of running events November 5 – 10, although the Arizona event takes place in nearby Flagstaff November 8. The multi-state event has a “no runner left behind” motto, making it an accessible race for runners of all levels.

The Flagstaff Day 4 of the Southwest Series starts at 7 a.m., with packet pickup on November 4 at Berg Park River Trail. During packet pickup, there’s a complimentary pasta dinner that you can enjoy within the festival atmosphere. You’ll get an in-person sneak peek at the bling, your bib and enjoy workshops on last minute preparations for the big race.



Munds Wagon Trail

by: Editor on 11/2/2017


Whether you traverse the historic cattle route near Mitten Ridge and Merry-Go-Round Rock by horse, ATV, mountain bike or feet, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a unique view of the Sedona area—and get a peek into history. Also known as Trail No. 78, it connects the Margs Draw Trail to Schnebly Hill Trail and Huckaby Trail. Although it’s well-marked, it’s considered a moderate hike with only occasional shade provided by the cypress trees.

If you start at the east trailhead, which is close to Bear Wallow Canyon, you’ll get a gentle descent before the trail levels out and begins to circle around Merry-Go-Round Rock. Here, you’re treated to a fantastic view of the canyon before starting another descent west. Switchbacks on Schnebly Hill Road take you right into Bear Wallow Wash for quite a long stretch before a moderate incline begins.

A Hike to Remember

Once you’re above the floor of the canyon, views abound—particularly of Mogollon Rim and the red rocks nearby. Keep going further to get a view of the city of Sedona and the variety of rock formations. The trail comes to a finale at Huckaby Trailhead. The full trek can be a challenge, and many visitors prefer to design their own shorter treks by taking on a portion of the full route.

It’s similar to one of the most popular cattle trails leading out of the city, which started in 1896. However, the cattle trail wasn’t complete until 1902 when it was funded by Coconino County. Open year-round, November is a great time to explore this trail thanks to the cooler weather.


Spooky Sedona Halloween

by: Editor on 10/28/2017


You’ll find a peppering of Halloween festivities throughout Sedona, but nearby Jerome is where the community really goes all out. Thanks to the rich Mexican history and population, Dia de los Muertos is just as popular (if not more so!) than Halloween, which means visitors can enjoy a variety of historical and cultural happenings into November. Try the Jerome Grand Hotel for their epic Halloween party and the Asylum restaurant for some of the best décor in Arizona. Wandering the halls of this haunted hotel as you party enough to wake the dead is a real scream.

Traditional American Halloweens in Sedona is largely retail, with stores, malls and shops offering the option for kids but almost nobody goes door to door. Costumes are encouraged, the shopkeepers deck out their spaces, and the Tlaquepaque shopping village makes an impressive homage for Day of the Dead.

A Hauntingly Good Time

Jerome’s famous Spook Hall ball happens the Saturday before Halloween, giving you plenty of time to recover before Asylum’s event on the big night. However, in both Sedona and Jerome a number of restaurants and tourist attractions are decorated throughout October.

Those who are looking for a massive Halloween happening might trek to Phoenix, though at nearly two hours away it’s solely for the extremely committed. Instead, take advantage of the smaller, intimate and charming events in Sedona and Jerome. You’ll be in for a spooktacular good time!


Snoopy’s Belly

by: Editor on 10/15/2017


You’ve likely seen this aptly named formation in photos and movies. Just outside of downtown, a little imagination and the right angle turns one of the state’s famous red rock formations into an image of Snoopy sleeping on top of the dog house. Located in Little Shane, Sedona, it’s pretty tough to get a clear view from close to the formations. Instead, head to Little Lane right off of Highway 89 and north of the Highway 179 intersection. Here, Snoopy is sleeping just east and to the right of the larger red rock formation.

There’s also Lucy Rock nearby, and both formations can be seen somewhat from nearly every part of Sedona. Snoopy Rock, also known as Snoopy’s Belly, was originally named Saddle Back Rock. However, so many people agreed it was clearly the beloved character that it was officially renamed.

A Dog’s Life

Although Snoopy’s Belly is certainly a unique name, it and Lucy Rock are far from the only formations named after what they resemble. In and near Sedona, there’s also Coffee Pot Rock. Spend a little time looking closer at the formations, and you just might find some images that jump out at you.

October is the perfect time to stroll outdoors, taking in the red rocks and enjoying their natural beauty.