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Hiking in Sedona, Arizona

There are few outdoor activities more suited to the general population than that of hiking. And there are few places around with such an abundance of easily accessible hiking trails as that of Sedona, Arizona. For those people who simply love the outdoors, Sedona is like a little piece of heaven. The year round moderate climate, with four distinct seasons and a comfortable temperature allow nature lovers the opportunity to enjoy it non stop.

Another great advantage of the Sedona area is the wonderful expanses of the Coconino National Park that surrounds the city. This incredible national treasure encompasses over 100 000 acres of red rock buttes and ponderosa pines. The park is very well maintained with clearly marked trailheads,parking facilities and hiking trail information readily available. One of the best things about hiking in Sedona is that the trails start right on the outskirts of town so there is very little travel time to get started.

10 Of The Best Sedona Hikes

  • Boynton Canyon Trail
  • Broken Arrow
  • Fay Canyon
  • Brins Mesa
  • Little Horse
  • Courthouse/Bell Rock
  • Soldiers Pass
  • West Fork
  • Doe Mountain Trail
  • Huckaby


Some of the more popular trails in the Sedona area include those that take you to some of the incredible rock formations that surround the city. These beloved monoliths have been given such names as Snoopy Rock, CoffeePot Rock, Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock in recognition of their perceived shape and the hiking trails to and around them are well used and loved. Part of the reason that some of these trails are so popular is based on the belief that Sedona, AZ is surrounded by four strong energy vortexes. These vortexes are often a point of destination for those visitors seeking to immerse themselves in the healing energies.

For those more adventurous hikers don’t despair. There are plenty of less traveled trails awaiting your pioneering spirit. The Wilson Mountain trail offers spectacular views but you will have to earn them as the trail can be steep and challenging in spots. Remember that you are in a desert climate and that extra caution must be taken to stay hydrated and be safe. A good pair of hiking boots, plenty of water, sunscreen and a hiking partner are essential in this variable terrain.

Overall, hiking in Sedona can’t be beat. The number of trails are endless and the variety in views and difficulty will keep you and your loved ones occupied for a very long time. Hiking can be the perfect family outing filled with the educational opportunities that only the great outdoors can offer or a relaxing alternative to the galleries and activity of the progressive city.

Best Western Plus Arroyo Roble Hotel is a proud sponsor of the Sedona Trail Keeper Program.  We are one of only 25 local businesses, who collectively, with the help of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau and the City of Sedona, will contribute $250,000 over the next five years to protect, enhance and maintain Sedona’s amazing trails.

As a local business in Sedona, we support the Sedona Trail Keeper program goals and continuously advocate that our visitors respect our fragile landscape, animals, and plants, while staying safe on the trails. As part of this elite group of supporters, we’ve committed to maintaining our delicate landscape and we work daily to preserve Sedona as one of the Earth’s greatest treasures.