Sedona Coffee Shops

by: Editor on 3/12/2015

Sedona coffee shopsOne thing that big cities don’t have are local coffee shops. Of course you have your Starbucks and other big box coffee shops but the intimate, unique and original coffee spots are hard to come by. We love that Sedona coffee shops have their own unique blends and we encourage you to try one out before hitting the trails. These are just a few of the local favorites that we are sure you will find to be just as amazing as we do. Grab a cup of Joe and enjoy adding a little extra pep in our step with original bold flavors that are unique to each shop.

– Heart of Sedona Coffee Bar – Voted as the top coffee shops in Sedona, it is worth a visit.

– The Field Coffee Shop – A combination of great foods, great art and amazing coffee.

– Sedona Bike & Bean – Enjoy a cup of coffee and rent a bike for the day.

– Red Rock Coffee – Beans are roasted on site which means, it truly is local.

– Pink Java Cafe – The perfect spot to try after your Pink Jeep Tour

– The Sedonut Shop – Once Bad Kitty Koffee, this hot spot is a great addition to the Sedona coffee scene

Only here for a day or two and can’t hit them all? Stop in for a snack for a little afternoon pick-me-up. With great pastries and other delicious foods, you will be happy you did.

Grand Canyon

by: Editor on 3/6/2015

Grand CanyonOne of the best things about Sedona, aside from the fantastic climate and amazing views,  is the excellent location. Sedona is  the perfect getaway that allows you many getaways in one trip. Just a short ride from Phoenix, Jerome, Flagstaff, and the best yet, the Grand Canyon. Just a short two hour ride, the Grand Canyon is one of the most majestic views on the face of this earth and you can’t turn down an opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon.

There are a number of things to do at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. Inside the Grand Canyon National Park, you will find beautiful walking trails throughout the forest and along the rim. Stop in the Grand Canyon Visitor Center and see the interesting displays and exhibits explaining all about the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River and the history of the area. Take a nature walk with a park ranger and learn interesting facts from their experiences and time within the park.

Get a little exercise, see more of the Grand Canyon and have fun doing it on a bike. You can rent a bicycle for the day or join one of the bicycle tours that gives you more knowledge and beautiful sights than you can imagine. If you want to go it alone, take off on foot along the rim and read the signs posted at various points to learn as you take in the beautiful surroundings. Bring your camera and a few snacks for this unbelievable day trip from Sedona.


by: Christy on 2/24/2015

Sedona, AZ (February 24, 2015)- The BEST WESTERN PLUS Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creekside Villas in Sedona, Arizona is pleased to announce General Manager, Lonnie Lillie, was chosen as the 2015 Hotelier of the Year at the 11th Annual Tourism Unity Dinner presented by the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association on February 19, 2015.

The Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association (AzLTA) is the leading policy advocate for the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Industry. They represent 37,000 rooms statewide and over 440 members including hotels, resorts, B&B’s and related industry partners. The Annual Tourism Unity Dinner was attended by over 500 guests including more than 50 elected officials and provides an opportunity to unite the industry and honor those who have made contributions to further tourism in the state of Arizona. Annual awards are given out by nominations from fellow industry peers.

Lonnie Lillie has served as the General Manager of the BEST WESTERN PLUS Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creekside Villas since 2001 and credits the family atmosphere, stellar location and amazing views for the success of the property. Speaking about the award received at the Unity Dinner, Lillie states: “I’m humbled and honored to receive this award from my industry peers. The job I have isn’t done alone. I have a team that makes our location one of the best in Sedona, and not just for the views. We treat all of our guests like family, want them to remember their vacation for years to come and tell everyone about the experience they had. This award is something I will never forget, will display with pride, and am happy to share with my Best Western family in Sedona, Arizona.”

The BEST WESTERN PLUS Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creekside Villas has been a member of the AzLTA for 14 YEARS and views the work they do as significant and important for tourism throughout the state of Arizona. As Christy Evans, a member of the Evans family- owners of the hotel, stated, “We are very proud of Lonnie and the work he has done with the entire staff. They work very hard to make sure guests expectations are not only met but also exceeded and keep our property as beautiful as can be- just like the community we are in. With the help of the AzLTA we can continue to promote our area and the state of Arizona as a must visit destination. We are proud and honored to be a part of their team and for their recognition of our General Manager, Lonnie Lillie.”

Located at 400 N. State Route 89A, the BEST WESTERN PLUS Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creekside Villas features 65 rooms with magnificent red rock views, private guest balconies, and includes six hundred feet of frontage on Oak Creek.

For reservations or more information, call the hotel directly at 800-773-3662 or call Best Western’s 24-hour, toll-free number at 1-800-WESTERN. Reservations are also available at

Sedona’s Movie History

by: Editor on 2/23/2015

Sedona's Movie HistoryA popular tourist town and filled with homes and second home for many, Sedona draws many to its beautiful and tranquil environment even to this day. Prior to the growth of the tourism and expanding homes Sedona was once a great part of Hollywood films. Sedona’s movie history dates back to the 1920’s just after the start of Hollywood. A perfect setting for westerns, Sedona once had sets that were continually used for years set up all over town. In recent years, these sets have been torn down to accommodate housing growth but the telegraph office still stands.

Between 1923 and 1995 over 60 films featured Sedona. Some of the more popular films included Billy the Kid (1941), Broken Arrow (1950) 3:10 to Yuma (1957), and Harry and Tonto (1974). Many famous actors and actresses such as John Wayne, Gene Autry, Joan Crawford, Glenn Ford and Elvis Presley were part of these iconic western films that put Sedona on the map.

While Sedona has become more of a tourist attraction and its Hollywood days are over, Sedona is still a popular set for TV commercials and magazine ads. The Sedona Heritage Museum features exhibits of Sedona’s movie history. With information on restoring the telegraph office that was once used during film making and the only surviving building from the old Sedona movie sets and much much more.

Horseback Riding Tours of Sedona

by: Editor on 2/16/2015

Horseback riding tours of sedonaWe go on and on about the beautiful red rocks here in Sedona and all of the amazing views but what else is there to talk about when you are in such a majestic place as this?! There are a number of ways to enjoy the beautiful weather while taking in the scenery. Hiking, and biking are two of the most popular. There are always jeep tours of the red rocks but have you tried a horseback riding tour of Sedona?

Forget the bumpy car rides or the sore feet from climbing and hiking through rugged trails, horseback tours of Sedona are the way to go. Horseback tours give you a unique and investing perspective of the amazing rock formations. You get to explore places a jeep couldn’t take you and where your legs just are strong enough to manage. There are a number of companies that offer horseback riding tours of Sedona. With a number of different tour options and pricing to fit all budgets, it is a great opportunity that you don’t get everyday. You can squeeze a quick one hour ride into your day or plan on an entire evening including a real cowboy cookout. If you are a cowboy yourself or even if you haven’t been on a horse, there are rides, trails and horses for all skill levels.

We are happy to give you a list of places that can accommodate your group for such an amazing adventure. Just stop by our front desk and our friendly office staff will be happy to assist you or when you call to make your reservations with us, your chosen Sedona hotel, we will be happy to give you the names of vendors over the phone. We look forward to seeing you and helping you see more of what our area has to offer.

Montezuma Castle

by: Editor on 2/12/2015

Montezuma CastleTake a day trip to Camp Verde and explore ancient Indian ruins that date back to 1100 AD. Camp Verde is located just South of Sedona is is a short 30 minute ride from your Sedona hotel and is the perfect day trip to experience Arizona’s history.

Montezuma Castle National Park, in Camp Verde, is ancient cliff dwellings comprised of five stories and over 20 rooms. These dwellings, abandoned long ago, housed members of the Sinagua culture and still contain artifacts that date back to their existence in this area. Montezuma Castle is one of the best preserved cliff dwellings in North America due to its placement and the protection it receives from exposure to natural elements.

Today, the dwellings are part of a national park and are protected to conserve the history and significance of the ruins. Open to the public, visitors can walk through the dwellings and experience the living conditions of this ancient tribe. The visitor center and museum houses tools used for building the dwellings, cooking, and sewing. Various other artifacts, jewelry and gemstones are also on display. As you look through the artifacts take in the history of the dwellings, its occupants and their culture.

For directions, hours, fees and more, visit Montezuma Castle online.