Mountain Biking in Sedona

Mountain biking is fast becoming one of Sedona’s most popular outdoor activities. With miles and miles of natural wonderland just outside of Sedona’s city limits, a mountain bike provides a healthy and exciting option for those natural explorers.

Because the terrain can be rough in places and because we don’t want to lose you, remember to pack plenty of water and take the time to prepare yourself mentally and physically for each journey. The trail options range from relatively difficult rides to rugged tracks loaded with technical challenges.

One of the best ways to get acquainted with Sedona’s mountain biking scene is through Sugar Loaf Park. You can access this park via Little Elf which is off of Coffee Pot Road towards Coffee Park Rock. The city of Sedona has recently added some new parking spaces for its outdoor enthusiasts so there is plenty of space.

These introductory trails include the loop around Sugar Loaf and the one that takes you north to Coffee Pot Rock. Beware of the rides to the east and west as they are more than the quick technical ups and downs of the north south trails.

When it comes to mountain biking in Sedona, it is difficult to ascertain what is most amazing, the ride or the view. The stunning red rock buttes and monoliths or the excellent, mostly undiscovered trails through the canyons and desert. Be certain to pack along a camera as you will not want to miss some of the memorable vistas you will see.

Please remember that the trails in and around Sedona are meant for multi use and are frequented by hikers, dog walkers, horseback riders and those out for an afternoon stroll. It is this very accessibility that makes Sedona such a wonderful playground for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages so please slow down and yield the trail. And don’t forget to ride prepared, the high Arizona desert environment requires lots of water and plenty of sunscreen.